Hymns, Strings, and Things

by Craig Harris

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EP Vol 1
Released April 2013


I am excited to release this short EP of original tunes to some old texts as well as some original songs. I hope this blesses you and the Church in some way or another.


Full album chord charts download with the album.


released April 26, 2013

Jennifer Harris: Vocals
Jess Aldredge: Percussion, violin, Electric Guitar
Craig Harris: Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Ukelele


Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Wes Slover of Sonus Sanctus
Album Art hand stitched by B.J. Ott



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Craig Harris Saint Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: All We Like Sheep
All We Like Sheep
Words and Music by Craig Harris, based on Luke 15

Verse 1
All we like sheep have gone astray
Helpless without the shepherds care
Christ the good shepherd rescues His own
Jesus never looses his sheep (2x)

Verse 2
We who think we are righteous
And we who are stuck in our sin
In truth are all helpless without the Christ
Jesus is the true Righteous one (2x)

Verse 3
When we leave the Father’s house in vain
And squander all His good gifts
God turns our hearts to repentance
Through Jesus has given new Life (2x)

Verse 4
We try to boast in all we’ve done
We fill our hearts with pride
But Jesus shows us what true treasure is:
Jesus dying to save His kin (2x)

Verse 5
Jesus has done what we could not
His work is full and complete
By rescuing us from sin and death
Jesus extends His pure Grace (2x)
Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice (2x)
Track Name: Come For the Feast is Spread
Come for the Feast is Spread
Lyrics: Henry Burton; Music and Lyric Changes: Craig Harris

Verse 1
Come for the feast is spread,
Hark to the call come all, come all
Come to the Living bread
Offered to all, head the call, the call

Verse 2
Come where the fountain flows
Healing for all thy woes, thy woes
Come to the crimson tide
Wade in the river of life, of life

Verse 3
Come to the throne of grace
All who would win the race, the race
Come and boldly draw near
Let us now tarry here, tarry here
Track Name: Christ is Made a Sure Foundation
Christ is Made the Sure Foundation
Latin, 7th Century, Tr by John Mason Neale; MUSIC: Craig Harris

Christ is made the sure foundation,
And the precious corner-stone,
Who, the two walls underlying,
Bound in each, binds both in one,
Holy Zion's help for ever,
And her confidence alone.

All that dedicated city,
Dearly loved by God on high,
In exultant jubilation pours perpetual melody,
God the One, in threefold glory,
Singing everlasting song

To this temple, where we call thee,
Come, O Lord of hosts, today;
With thy ever loving-kindness,
Hear thy people as they pray;
And thy fullest benediction shed within its walls for ay.

Here vouchsafe to all thy servants
Gifts of grace by prayer to gain;
Here to have and hold for ever,
Those good things their prayers obtain,
And hereafter, in thy glory,
With thy blessèd ones to reign.

Laud and honour to the Father;
Laud and honour to the Son,
Laud and honour to the Spirit,
Ever Three, and ever One,
One in love, and One in splendour,
While unending ages run. Amen.
Track Name: Jesus Calls us
Jesus Calls Us
Cecil Frances Alexander, Music: Craig Harris

Jesus calls us: o'er the tumult
Of our life's wild, restless sea,

Day by day his sweet voice soundeth,

Saying, "Christian, follow me."

As, of old, apostles heard it

By the Galilean lake,

Turned from home and toil and kindred,

Leaving all for his dear sake.

Jesus calls us from the worship

Of the vain world's golden store,

From each idol that would keep us,

Saying, "Christian, love me more."

In our joys and in our sorrows,

Days of toil and hours of ease,

Still he calls, in cares and pleasures,

"Christian, love me more than these."

Jesus calls us: by thy mercies,

Saviour, may we hear thy call,

Give our hearts to thine obedience,

Serve and love thee best of all.
Track Name: O Word of God Incarnate
O Word of God Incarnate
Text. William W. How, Music. Craig Harris

Verse 1
O Word of God incarnate, O Wisdom from on high,
O Truth unchanged, unchanging, O Light of our dark sky:
We praise you for the radiance, that from the hallowed page,
A lantern to our footsteps, shines on from age to age.

Verse 2
The church from you, our Savior, received the gift divine,
And still that light is lifted o'er all the earth to shine.
It is the sacred vessel where gems of truth are stored;
It is the heaven-drawn picture of Christ, the living Word.

Verse 3
The Scripture is a banner before God's host unfurled;
It is a shining beacon above the darkling world.
It is the chart and compass that o'er life's surging tide,
Mid mists and rocks and quicksands, to you, O Christ, will guide.

Verse 4
O make your church, dear Savior, a lamp of purest gold,
To bear before the nations your true light as of old.
O teach your wandering pilgrims by this their path to trace,
Till, clouds and darkness ended, they see you face to face.
Track Name: We Have Been Justified By Faith
We Have Been Justified by Faith
Craig Harris

Verse 1
We have been justified by faith
We have a peace with God
Through our Lord Jesus Christ who came
To reconcile his flock

Verse 2
God shows His love for those he chose
While we were yet in Sin
Though sinners strong we still may be
Christ’s blood avails for me

Verse 3
Jesus the one pure sacrifice
Our sin can be destroyed
When by faith we clothe in righteousness
Then with Him we may be saved

Hallelujah to our Lord who died and
To our Lord who rose, up from the grave
Hallelujah, to our God who saves and
To our God who reigns, from heaven on High